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Retirement planning is of paramount importance as it allows individuals to effectively transition from their working years to a fulfilling and financially secure retirement. We recognize that retirement planning encompasses not only the financial aspects but also the personal and emotional considerations that come with this significant life change. Our firm's comprehensive approach to retirement planning addresses clients' unique needs by offering a holistic perspective. Our experienced advisors take the time to understand clients' retirement goals, aspirations, and concerns. By conducting thorough assessments of clients' financial situations, including income sources, expenses, and potential risks, Hoogenboom Wealth Management develops tailored retirement strategies. These strategies incorporate personalized investment portfolios, tax planning, risk management, and estate planning to maximize retirement income and preserve wealth. Additionally, our firm provides guidance on key retirement decisions, such as Social Security claiming strategies and healthcare planning. With Hoogenboom Wealth Management's dedicated support, clients can navigate the complexities of retirement with confidence, ensuring a smooth transition and a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Guaranteed Income

Guaranteed income plays a crucial role in retirement planning, providing clients with financial security and peace of mind. We emphasize the importance of ensuring that fixed expenses are covered by guaranteed income sources. By incorporating guaranteed income into a retirement strategy, clients can have a stable foundation to meet their essential needs throughout retirement. Sources of guaranteed income, such as pensions, income annuities, social security, and life insurance, offer consistent cash flows that are not subject to market fluctuations. This provides a sense of reliability and stability, allowing retirees to confidently plan their budgets and maintain their desired lifestyle. Hoogenboom Wealth Management works closely with clients to analyze their current financial situation and identify any gaps in guaranteed income coverage. By devising tailored strategies, our firm helps clients secure and optimize their guaranteed income sources, ensuring a solid financial foundation in retirement and reducing the potential impact of unexpected events or market downturns.

Tax Efficiency

Hoogenboom Wealth Management places a strong emphasis on tax efficiency planning as a vital component of retirement strategy. By carefully assessing our clients' retirement savings across three distinct tax "buckets" - qualified, non-qualified, and tax-free – we aim to optimize their income strategy and minimize potential income tax liabilities. Through comprehensive analysis, our advisors evaluate the most tax-efficient withdrawal strategies while also satisfying clients’ required minimum distribution (RMD) requirements. This approach allows our clients to proactively manage their income streams, strategically timing withdrawals from different buckets to minimize tax implications and maximize after-tax income. By aligning income needs with the appropriate tax-advantaged accounts and leveraging our expertise in tax avoidance planning, we help clients navigate complex tax regulations, reduce tax burdens, and optimize their retirement income while preserving their wealth for the future.

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